Jack's Insights

Here are some personal insights from the YCB Accelerator Program. A collection of lessons Jack has used and applied to keep his mental health on track!


Determination in my eyes is an assertive mental action composed with unbending conviction behind a person who has a goal and belief inside them that is real to that person in becoming a reality.

Determination is inside each and everyone of us. It is the pain in our mind that we must itch to fulfil our ambitions that pulls us straight into action. Like a muscle we must always be in pursuit of strengthening it as it will serve you in getting tasks conquered. It also can be used as a metaphorical shield in facing challenges and rejections that will protect your self-esteem from lowering. As when you are determined you do not brake or fail to stop moving forward. You may pivot or find other ways around getting to your goal, but just like water you always find your way to adapt under circumstances.

Don't be afraid to dream big and activate your determination within you. The first step comes from your attitude and how you perceive situations in your life. A strong mind can determine how resilient your determination is in achieving your success in life.

Action Steps

1. Seek out high performers in your professional life and take them out for lunch. You will learn how valuable their time is. Learn from them what makes them determined to succeed and apply what makes sense to you in your life.
2. Write down the reasons why your goals are important to you
3. Stick your goals on your wall and all places you can see.


Drive is more than a desire to succeed it is a must, to go out into the world and give as much value as possible, to help others and open doors. So that the day will come when you can walk through your window of opportunity. To be the man or women that you want to be in the world, having drive will move you in a closer direction to obtaining your dreams and goals in life. It will shape you as a person and lay the foundations for your future. Being one of the key ingredients to achieve anything.

You may already know this, but it is hard for most people to obtain and stay consistent with their drive, as you must be a lined with your vision for life. What you do must make sense to you for how you live your life. Tailor make your days and break everything you do into actionable steps will make it easier for your drive to move you into the direction that you want.

Having high self-esteem can benefit your drive levels within you. Fulfilling your purpose of taking action. It is very similar to motivation and being self-motivated, but stems from the desire to reach your highest potential. This is what I have found within my own observation with working with the drive I have developed within myself.

If you are struggling with managing your drive, consider a few factors that may impact your movement. Are you in the wrong career, are you feeling burnt out, is there some problems in your professional life or personal life that have not been addressed?

When you address your life choices and have an emotional audit on yourself you will start to find your drive will return in an abundance. It will take work and it will not come easy but when you map out the life you want for yourself. You will change for the better and your drive and spark you have inside you for life will bounce back.

Action Steps

1. Be honest with yourself and write down why you want to achieve your goals
2. Make a list of all your habits and audit the ones which do not serve you or your goals in life. From Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.
3. Structure your days and reward yourself for achieving your weekly and monthly goals


Focus is a challenge for many people to develop within themselves. It can be hard for people to sit still within their minds and to conquer their tasks. But with training and repetitions alongside the desire to obtain your goals. Will help immensely in developing the disciplines in pushing through self-sabotaging behaviors when you are not on task.

Focus is one of the number one factors towards succeeding in life. As without having the ability to apply yourself to the objectives ahead of you through concentrated effort you will be unable to move yourself forward. In my experience of using focus it can be seen as super power when fully activated as it allows you to see through distractions and delaying gratification.

They say time fly’s when your having fun and the same rule applies when you are in a peak focused state. Time seems to run away from you. Like there is not enough time in the day to get all of your jobs conquered. Your focus increases your productivity which is a given when you have goals in front of you.

Activating your focused state is a challenge, but I have found being alone, sitting in a quite space most useful for focus to become apparent within. Take a pen and write out a plan for yourself with actions for how you are going to achieve what you seek out for yourself. Then take the focus you have used to this task and apply it to the actions you have written out for yourself. No matter what your goals may be laser focus like a sniper will move you in a guaranteed productive direction. If you master this skill of concentrated effort it will be the separating factor to give you the edge in life.

Action steps

1. Challenge yourself to spend 30minutes by yourself and focus on your big picture plan for life.
2. Write out three clear action steps for your next task ahead.
3. Write down what you have the start and ending of your day. This will highlight the progress you have made and with the art of writing this information down you will start to develop your focus muscle.

Speeches and Documentaries

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