All and Everything

Here is some of my personal words of wisdom, I hope they find you well and inspire you to take action towards your goals and dreams! The first segments to be released are from 'All and Everything'

All and Everything - Segment 5

Every creature big or small only knows to behave at it’s peak potential which expresses who they are as animals. All a lion knows is to be a king, to hunt, to be a beast. You must know what you are expressing within yourself. Humans have unlimited choices of potential that they hold. It may be hard making your choice of what potential you hold. But pursue a potential that inspires you of something you may never reach but makes you hungry to reach out.

For every second that goes by understand that this is your life as it fly’s by. Every decision you make every choice you take has a consequence whether it is a good outcome or a negative. Do not let your outcomes define you. From your greatest victory to your biggest defeat. Know this, it is not what you do that makes the man or women it is the qualities of who they are on the inside.

To rise and to strive forward knowing in your heart you are doing your best. It matters, to the person that looks back at you in the mirror and the people you serve. You may not be the biggest oak tree in the woods, nor may you be goliath but the David in you will always win. Know this and own who you are. I know you will be experiencing pain to some degree in life as we all do but use it to push you forward on your mission. Do not let it shape you or define you, let it become a part of the foundations that make you, you.

I know inside you may feel like there is no way out of your discomfort that is disturbing the peace in your mind. But I know that in you coming this far with these words that you will start to become conscious of how you react to the present moment of your stresses. Know this, your self-awareness is heightening, your influence is becoming strong. That you hold upon yourself first before the many.

And like many who have gone on before you and have reached success of their desire. Realize that they were committed as I know you are. They had a vision and a goal just like you, which was created by their own imagination. Giving them a sense of pride and ownership on their journey that is not far from what you can obtain. Learn from past teachers, mentors and individuals who have gone on to achieve greatness as you will find success leaves clues. And as each piece of wisdom that resonates with you, understand that you must apply with your actions to reap the rewards of the compounding effect of time once applied.

Ambition or an active desire to make something happen lives inside all of us. As we are creatures of creation. No this holds deep power within our beings that can eliminate an average life turning each one of us into something great. However, we define it, this force that lives in you and myself is an energy that is on a timer waiting to erupt and only activated in some circumstances when the individual being, gladiator inside of you reaches out to break the cycle of a mediocre life.

Be still in your mind and allow your actions to lead you forward, with balance that keeps you healthy. Being able to take a seat back to listen to what is going on around you will give you the benefit of being able to pivot when objects come your way. Know that with relaxed confidence you will achieve a higher level of success and fulfilment, that will bring you to mental natural highs that can last a life time as you recycle your victory’s. Use this to keep your confidence cemented and nurtured as you take on bigger challenges within your life on the attack.

Mental Advantage Program

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