All and Everything

Here is some of my personal words of wisdom, I hope they find you well and inspire you to take action towards your goals and dreams! The first segments to be released are from 'All and Everything'

All and Everything - Segment 4

Greatness can be subjective but integrity is an extension of who you are. Walk with honesty, walk with purpose, high morals and principles so you can become known as authentic, real and most importantly you. For all the powerful attributes of who you are, know this. It will define how you will become remembered. Never forget this throughout your life, if unethical opportunities arise, don’t change who you are for a price. You are worth more than any price paid to try to change you as a person, which is why you must know yourself immensely, with specific focus, just like a microscope.

Each and every part of you is unique within your DNA. Allow this to open up opportunities from your life experiences to skills you have and qualities you own. Do not be afraid of what you have, no matter the stigma that may be attached to what you have been through. This is your avenue, your niche to make whatever it is that you want to make of it. Break down your fears and know that it comes down to trust, as with each word I speak, write and share. I have no idea how it will articulate into the circulation of readers, listeners and audiences. I do not know how you may take what I say, as what I speak comes from within myself. But I do not fear it as I build trust within myself that you can develop also within you. We share mind-sets in common as we are Champions. Winners of the world in our own right, as all it takes to win is to show up and be counted. Holding yourself accountable to the actions that you take.

Do not be afraid of moving in this direction as a champion of the world. Never forget where you have come from and appreciate a moment to reflect on how far you have come no matter what progress you have made. Understand that you are building esteem inside, confidence and inner strength. Think of this building process like developing catalysts on your brain. Making yourself discipline, resistance to pain, focus and determination harden. So, you can keep winning each metaphorical fight.

You see there is a lot of challenges in this world that you will face in your personal and professional life. But know this, you are blessed for being here; being able to hear and read these words. You are special because there is only one of you. Know this, you are a limited edition, no matter of others who share your name. You are one with this world just like the moon and stars are one with the universe.

What I find is you have to sell yourself the dream of what it is that you want every single day, because your mind is a battel ground and it will take up tremendous amounts of energy to win yourself over in believing you are on the right track and right path in life. As daunting as it may seem, it starts with you. You are the biggest enemy you have to face, through you being the only one who can give power or take that power away. When you are in pursuit of driving yourself forward anxiety and overwhelming emotions will take place. They will make you feel sick to the stomach but you must maintain a brave face and push through. In the face of your daily battels, all of this takes energy. Which is why it is so important that you look after yourself, from eating right, taking nourishments, sleeping right and training your body.

Your health is important do not neglect it, it is your one and only vehicle you have through life. It will only operate at its peak when you take care of it. Ask yourself important questions like who do you want to be there for, because when you think about your life on a deep level you will realise that there are people close to you who are depending on you. They may not speak it out loud or think it but your family and friends are counting on you. Not to take from you but to grow with you, especially your family.

Another factor to think about is you, you are depending on you. Betting on yourself to be fulfilled, happy and prosperous. You’ve got this champion, you are more then a contender for your life mission. You are a winner, I know this because you are still here reading on, but promise me and yourself that after you have taken away all you need from this experience you will take action and move forward. Move strong within your life to be happy no matter what life circumstances come your way. No this, you are a high achiever. Your opinion of yourself matters, your thoughts matter your life matters. There is a reason why you are here on this earth, you may already know what your purpose is but don’t worry if you don’t. Attach yourself to ideas that are positive, good and right by others. Inspire, motivate and empower because in this world there are so many who will try to brake you and spread negative energy. Be in control of you and influence in the right way.

Mental Advantage Program

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