All and Everything

Here is some of my personal words of wisdom, I hope they find you well and inspire you to take action towards your goals and dreams! The first segments to be released are from 'All and Everything'

All and Everything - Segment 3

Never feel like you can’t turn ships when you feel like you are sinking. Start with your truth and ask yourself some real hard questions when you look in the mirror. Is this really what you want? Is this your dream or someone else’s? Wash your face in a bowl of self-awareness and wake up. You only have one almighty life. Don't waste it pursuing something that has no meaning. Value yourself and with that take a leap in the right direction of your chosen path.

But I warn you, it will not be easy but it is possible. It will not be a walk in the park, more like a mountain climb to the top of Everest. You will break and that’s okay, you will get tired and that’s okay, you will get bored, lose focus and become satisfied with where you are. What I will tell you, is don’t! Don’t stop! Keep growing through the pain and swinging away at that metaphorical wall with a sledge hammer. Because you will break through eventually, your efforts will inspire others. That's why we climb in the first place to break the glass ceiling. We should always be reaching new heights that fill our cup with fulfilment, if you stop growing you stop being happy in the long run. I know this and I share it from experience.

Every creature needs a purpose, from the smallest spider building a web, to us as human beings, born with unlimited potential, creatures of creation.

Be kind to yourself when you fall, but be no fool to picking yourself up. Always pick yourself up and push forward. No matter what you face, no matter the depression, anxiety or whatever condition you face may be, own the humility of being a human, know your value in the world and work around it. You might not have a great entourage of friends and relationships but do not allow that to make you feel insecure and lonely. Although you may be alone, you are at one with your mind and your thoughts. Giving birth to the opportunity of becoming your best self, you either sit amongst pigeons or fly with eagles and they fly solo dominating the sky reaching sights unforeseen for the average of minds. Appreciate the times of isolation and apply selfish acts of self-care. Which is far from selfish as the more successful you become on your path in your pursuit you can help bring value to other people’s lives. Build them up and create beasts of men through the opportunity you bring in making people grow and advance. The more you are able to produce, the more abundance and freedom you will have and be able to create within other’s lives.

Allow this to motivate and encourage you, break open them limited beliefs you hold and filter through the nonsense of mediocre information that is holding you back. The only person who can bring your life power and strength is you. That man or woman that looks back at you in the mirror. Listen to that person as she or he is the only person who can get you through the dark and bring you into the light. That person who stares back at you is the only person who knows you better than anyone else. Look yourself in the eye and have that honest conversation that has been long overdue.

It takes imagination to see within yourself, the person that you want to become in life. And you can do it, before I or anyone in this world achieved their definition of personal success they had to embrace their fears and bite down on courage. Which is something you have, we all have it within ourselves. To do more and be more, no matter what you may think or feel for yourself. It is within you to reach your full potential, you can become and you can reach it because you are the creator of it.

The truth is you will have to influence and be influenced by positive and negative circumstances, this also includes people in your life. Let this fuel you, allow your inner self to operate from this potential because you are a beast. A beast not of burden but one that knows how far he or she can go. Like a gladiator in the arena, you will realise that you will become a slave to your craft of becoming better each day. Do not fear this as you must always be in preparation to win. As when your opportunity comes, you will thank yourself for the labour of passion to continue the fight. Because this is what life is about, fighting each day to climb just a little bit higher, even for the centimeter of growth. You keep climbing because you know it all counts.

A lot of people feel unsettled by growing, as you pass through feeling uncomfortable. But you are different, you are a champion, a warrior King or Queen on a quest to build your Kingdom. To make the life of yourself and others better than what they were yesterday. I know you may feel overwhelmed by these words but do not be afraid of what you can dream. Keep dreaming and dream big because it is your dreams that will empower you. If it is hard for you to see within your mind, create something you can see in your reality. This may be a vision board, a drawing, a sketch of the life you want to live. Which is yours to have, hang this on your bedroom wall, have it in sight and step into the vision you see for yourself each day.

This will help change your life and create positive emotions in any circumstance, as your subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. Through programing yourself to win each and every day will give you a great start to the work you do. Allow your vison to grow and evolve and do not allow anyone to disrespect what you see for yourself. With each step you take, speak out loud to yourself…

“I am a champion, I am the best in what I do. Even though others may not see my greatness, I will just have to wait for their heads to turn. I am loved and in the mist of all darkness I will be a shining light. A North Star pointing in the right direction of my unforeseen future.”

Mental Advantage Program

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