All and Everything

Here is some of my personal words of wisdom, I hope they find you well and inspire you to take action towards your goals and dreams! The first segments to be released are from 'All and Everything'

All and Everything - Segment 2

You see the reality is we are all told the same ideas, that it is un-realistic to make our dreams become a reality. The truth is we are all different, unique and special. Do not let societies norms bring you down when you were born to climb. Like crabs in a bucket don’t allow anyone to bring you down. I know it’s difficult champion but you are a lion amongst sheep and you will battle through each day with strain. But remember you are a beast, a creature of purpose. Through each strain you face and load you carry. Realise that you are building muscle, creating strength for you to fight your fight and win. The stress you are facing right now in your life is only a character building moment. Let it build you up, develop your arsenal of tools to combat your fears that stand in your way.

I feel you, because I have been you. I have experienced your pain and walked in your shoes. And what I know is that even in your darkest moments there is always a light. If you can’t see the light right now let me be the light. A beam of hope, truth and possibility because I know your pain and have used it, shaped it, formed with it the voice and man you see me as today. You can do the same, I know this! It is possible to turn your pain into the prize, your circumstance into opportunity. To grow stronger, to grow like an oak tree. Deep rooted with veins of inner power to share your experiences with others. That will fill you with joy each and every day after. Knowing you did what was right no matter how your emotions may change through time. Having an impact and changing people’s lives for the better through your value, your purpose, your service to life.

Your heart is a compass, your mind is the map, only you know where your dreams are at. Through the dedication, focus and determination will you muster up the courage to take action on the person you are. You are a living being and your dreams are an expression of who you are. You’ve got this, I know this because you would not be hearing these words. I know there is anxiety and stress that comes with doing the new and adventurous. But you are here to become a mover and a shaker because it is within you. In despite of others limiting your belief’s you can break through and make what you want in the world. This is not just some hocus pocus idea, this is the truth. The only thing that stops you from believing this truth is you. When you allow negative ideas and beliefs of others to influence you, this is where your true fight begins.

You are strong and bold enough to hold onto your own original thoughts. You are wise enough to seek knowledge from the right people; who inspire you and have already paved the way forward with the goals you seek. The goals of turning your ideas into a reality. No this and imagine who you will become once you are fully committed to your desire. And that means when you don’t feel like moving forward you do it anyway, because it is who you are. Walk forward Kings, walk forward Queens, this life is yours and one of a kind. So precious, just like your dreams that have come to you. It is your mission to conquer, to do right by yourself and others. Break the chains of your past and create a better tomorrow for you.

When you maintain sight of where you want to go. Do not allow your own insecurities to affect your success. Looking after yourself is not selfish, it is right to do so. Walk away from those toxic relationships in your life. I know it’s hard, I know you care about them, I know you have love for them and wish nothing but the best for them. But are they right for you in your season of life? Ask yourself this, invest a little time in this and be honest with you. Are your friends pushing you forward, encouraging you to grow, bringing joy to your life, filling a purpose. Then if not, understand that eagles are a different breed from pigeons. And you were created to fly at your highest potential. Even if it means you must stand alone from time to time, feeling fulfilled in your relationship is important. There either in your life for a reason or a season.

You are a winner, that’s why I call upon you as a champion, it’s a mindset that starts from within. Performing at your highest heights, climbing through your internal mountains. Always in pursuit of reaching the top, whether it be finances or spiritual wellbeing. Being at one with who you are with a keen eye for self-awareness will open doors for you to advance, with your only competition being your shadow. There is no need to compete but to identify with who you are, playing to your strengths and overcoming your limits.

Mental Advantage Program

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