All and Everything

Here is some of my personal words of wisdom, I hope they find you well and inspire you to take action towards your goals and dreams! The first segments to be released are from 'All and Everything'

All and Everything - Segment 1

Sacrifice, you wake up every morning and you do just a little more than yesterday. You push forward just that little bit more. When there’s 101 reasons why you could stay in the bed and be nothing. You choose to do something and become someone. You pick up your clothes, get dressed and walk out of the door with purpose each day, with a spring in your step, knowing that you are at one with the unknown adventure of what today holds.

And still in despite of all odds you conquer, because you are a champion. You are of royal blood, from the second you were born you were born to be great. And in the pursuit of your greatness it is then that a light will shine. Giving birth to the desired outcome of what you want in your life.

But it takes pain, as your old you must perish for your new version to take place. Just like the caterpillar coiled in a cocoon, it is the stress of evolving that will move you forward into a new being.

You have what it takes to apply your focus and creativity to all challenges presented to you by life. Wise men have once said that you are either going through a storm or coming out of one. Either way do not fear the storm of life. As it is in the storm you gain strength and character you did not know was possible within yourself.

As you embark on this journey we call life. Realize and remember that every being on this planet is going through the same experience. No matter where you feel placed.

It is only you who knows your inner truth of the potential that you hold. Allow it to capture and inspire you as you walk through your fears. Even in your deepest and darkest depressions to ever mighty highs. Keep walking through your fears and do not allow any challenge you face to overwhelm you. Let it bring out the best in you, as the stakes you hold grow higher.

I speak these words not to impress you but to impress upon you the truth. That we all have it in ourselves to do great things. From creating our ideas to share with the world, from books, to products, to where ever your imagination leads you.

Realise this, own this that the most powerful tools are already inside us. Activate them and use the power they hold to make this world we live in a special place.

Look, I know what it’s like when you hear all of the motivational messages and you still don’t feel or connect to anything. All I can say is hold tight, because I’ve been there and believe it or not I created these words from darkness. And through the darkness I have to make a choice. As frustrating as the pain may be, as distressful as things may seem. Your character and core of who you are will pull you through. And that choice is, I take back control and start sparking rocks together to create that fire.

The fire that is in each and every one of us. It takes commitment to keep adding sticks and logs to the flames. Keeping that spark for life alive. As much as you see me rise like a phoenix. If you look close enough you will see that my wings are scarred, burnt, bruised and beaten. But no matter how you feel inside, spread your wings because you were born to fly.

Even if we fall and crash on the way down. Realise, it’s all in our heads, the perspectives of how long we choose to fall before we open ourselves up to life.

Now as deep as it sounds I create these words as if they were my last. They dry quick like cement and there’s no going back. That’s just how life is. No second chances, so we have to make our impact here count.

I’m not good enough your mind may say, just do it, I’m dyslexic your mind may say, just do it, you are mentally challenged, just do it, your delusional they say, just do it, you have a mental health condition, just do it, your family and friends don’t see it, just do it. That’s all it takes with anything in life. You just do it, you go through the pain and roll with the punches. And I can tell you from experience it isn’t easy and nothing in life is. Being average isn’t easy and going where others have not isn’t easy. But you must make a choice. Your legacy depends on it if you are to live on through the actions you take right now on your own terms.

You see the difference between me and those of you who are experiencing this is that I know my words are powerful. That all people are powerful. That we can use that power to save someone’s life, to comfort the distressed, to free the stuck, to create new thoughts, to reach new perspectives. What is making you stand out and be counted? What is making you be heard?

Now I know if your still engaged with me then there truly is something inside you that is reaching for greatness. And all you have to do is look inside. You don’t need no guru, no expert, no magician to tell you what you need to do. The map is already in here. In you, grow with trust, grow with faith within yourself. And you will rise above all who have ever doubted you, who have anchored you down, held you back, because it is within your DNA. Your birth right to be human. Your authentic self!

And through adversities I feel your pain. I know the struggle and I know that inner desire that keeps you awake at night from time to time. That hunger and frustration that over rides you. That your success is not coming quick enough, that your circumstances are limiting you. You must be patient champion, that’s right I’m talking to you. And what I mean by patience is applying your actions with faith. Faith that you will break through. That you will close your eyes and still see sight through your visions. Future realities that you see for you. Taking control of your destiny and not seeking approval or permission of others. Putting yourself on the line and personal responsibility that shines through you. To make your dreams and goals a reality!

Mental Advantage Program

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