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Jack Nolan

Meet Jack Nolan, one of UK’s youngest Mental Health and Empowerment Speakers, Dyslexic Author and winners of the world! Surviving two mental health breakdowns and being diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Jack bounced back, turning his negative circumstances into an opportunity to bring value to people’s lives.

Jack has written two novels and a series of inspirational books that empower readers to take positive action towards their personal success in life. Trusted by Camelot Lottery, NHS, Barclays Bank, Mace Construction, Hewlett-Packard, 42nd St Charity & Power2 Charity to name but a few.

Jacks story

Jack started his journey as an Actor and fell in love with the creative world of storytelling, thus leading Jack on to playing a small role in a feature film called Blood. This then started Jacks path as a creative, gaining more parts, this time performing at the Lowry Theatre with productions directed by Author Karen Woods. Being around positive and creative people inspired Jack to write his first Crime Fiction Novel ‘On the Job’.

Jack was also attacked at knife point at the young age of 15, but this did not stop him move forward with his passions.

At the age of 19 Jack was sectioned under the ‘Mental Health Act’ for showing symptoms of Psychosis. Jack had to drop out of university and sacrifice the creative career, working in TV/Film Production, that he had built up for himself as a ‘runner’ alongside his studies.

After 19 days Jack was eventually discharged from hospital. The recovery was a long process, unable to find the strength to move from his bed to the settee. Getting himself washed and dressed was a mammoth task and facing the outside world at that point was an unbearable thought. During his recovery and now age 20, Jack faced more adversities, this time within his personal life. His relationship of 5 years broke down. Jack had to bounce back and give himself a purpose for carrying on and moving forward with his life. This led to him fighting to get his first novel published. After 2 years of rejection he spent 5 weeks, day in and day out with laser focused attention on one particular Publisher who he wanted to work with. Eventually Jack successfully got the Publishing contract he deserved. Three months later Jack had a book launch and was soon knocking on the doors of Waterstones. With persistence and creative thinking Jack landed himself on the shelf of Waterstones.

Jack Nolan Founder You Can Become

After 2 years of re-building his life, Jack started to become unwell again, this time showing symptoms of mania and paranoia at the age of 22. This was spurred on by people Jack looked up to who were involved in criminal activities.

Jack was sadly sectioned for the second time and after 30 days in hospital he was discharged and had to yet again rebuild his life.

Jack is now 23 years of age and has published 2 novels, his second called ‘Dead Ends’. Jack has also created a series of positive and inspirational reads, from a collection of Poems; The Intuitive Mind; You Can Become Playbooks; Thoughts and Wisdom; A collection of personal quotes and YCB’s All and Everything, an inspirational read of motivational materials.

Each year Jack is pushing his limits to help people through his brand and personal message that ‘You Can Become’ all and everything in life. Jack is fully aware he is not the finished article even though he has already achieved so much thus far with his creative work. His goals and dreams have certainly not come to an end despite his health conditions and daily struggles.

Jack’s ambition is to focus on projects that inspire him and he is in pursuit of making one of his childhood dreams become a reality. He is on a mission to create a feature film based on one of his fictional stories.

Speeches and Documentaries

Jack has delivered a number of motivational speeches at events, take a look at his past speeches or if you'd like to book him for your event, send him an email by clicking here.